Game Of Thrones Season 8 Will Wrap Up Threads ‘From Many Seasons Ago’

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by Ben Travis |
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Game Of Thrones finally returns to our screens this month (no, not an April Fool) only to cruelly leave forever a scant few weeks later (again, not a fool, just stark reality). So of course the cast are talking about the show, at least to the extent that they can without HBO sending Wun Wun crashing through the door to stop any spoilers. The latest actor popping up in a profile is Bran Stark, AKA Isaac Hempstead Wright, who sat down with Esquire.

Hempstead Wright teased that elements you may have long forgotten about will have additional relevance and be given conclusions in the final episodes – so hurry up with that re-watch. "There are definitely things wrapping up from many, many seasons ago where you’re like: oh, I never thought that would come back," the actor told the magazine. He also stoked up further hype about a huge battle in the third instalment, the first of the four final bumper-sized episodes. "Obviously there are some big battles. Episode three is going to be something else," he teases. The fact that he already knows what the rest of us are about to see is, fittingly, very on-Bran-d.

He's also candid about his feelings while shooting his final scenes – not that he can say when they occur in the timeline of the last few episodes. "The very last scene I shot – and it was a lot of other people’s last scene – it was actually quite pathetic, everyone was in floods of tears. It was so actorly. They read out 'that’s a wrap,' then David and Dan gave a speech," he says. "And I remember thinking: I’m not going to cry. I’m feeling fine. Then they brought out our wrap gifts, which were these framed storyboards from a key scene, and the waterworks turned on."

We'll get to see the results of that emotional on-set moment when Game Of Thrones returns on 14 April. Find out all we know about Season 8 here.

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