Friday News Round-Up (March 9)

Hughes Bros! Cycling! Narnia 'pics'!

by Willow Green |
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The Hughes Brothers Are Back!

It’s been a whopping six years since the talented Hughes Brothers (Allen and Albert) last directed a movie, namely the muddled yet fascinating Alan Moore adaptation, From Hell. Now, though, after faffing around for ages with an American TV version of Robson Green psycho thriller, Touching Evil, they’re back back back on the big screen. They’ve been signed on by producers Jason Blum and Lorenzo di Bonaventura to direct a biopic of Mafia hitman, Richard ‘Ice Man’ Kulinski, who reportedly lived a peaceful suburban life with his wife and kids, while sneaking out at nights to whack grasses and snitches and whoever else it is that Mafiosos whack. It is estimated that the Ice Man killed over 200 people, which ranks him high on the Serial Killers’ Hall Of Fame. The Hughes Brothers have a good eye (or eyes), so this should at least look the business.

Universal Pick Up Tour De Frank

Tom Shadyac, director of the forthcoming Evan Almighty, has already lined up his next job, it would seem. He’s sniffing around Tour De Frank, a comedy set in the world of competitive cycling, the pitch for which has just been bought by Universal. It’s no surprise, really – we’ve had comedies set in the world of dodgeball and ice skating, so could cycling be far behind? This gives Empire hope, though – surely this bodes well for our action movie set in the world of snooker, Break Off, in which Jean-Claude Van Damme will play a secret agent who has to play the final frame of the world snooker championship while trying not to pot the black ball (because there’s a nuclear bomb in it), and simultaneously fighting and killing loads of terrorists during his frequent toilet breaks. With cameos from John Virgo and referee Jan Verhaas, this is a box office winner!

First Narnia Pictures Online!

Yes, that’s right, folks – the very first grainy and blurry, horribly indistinct photos from the New Zealand set of The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian, are now online! Why wait for official production stills, in all their splendour and burnished detail, when you can go to NarniaWeb and clock a bunch of shots of some bloke (or girl; it’s really hard to tell) riding a horse. But if that doesn’t already knock your socks off, check out the pictures of crew trailers, far off in the distance. You will probably die of amazement – Andrew Adamson, you’ve got your work cut out topping this little lot, mate!

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