Friday News Round-Up (February 9)

Casting round-up; Ian Richardson is dead

Friday News Round-Up (February 9)

by Willow Green |
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Ian Richardson Is Dead

It’s our sad duty to report that the excellent British character actor Ian Richardson has died, aged 72. Although perhaps best known for his withering portrayal of ruthless politician Francis Urquhart in the BBC’s House Of Cards trilogy, Richardson also made his mark on the movies in the likes of Brazil, Dark City and From Hell. His last movie, Becoming Jane, is due for release next month. Richardson’s sudden death leaves behind his widow, Maroussia, and two sons.

David Spade Still Has A Movie Career Shocker

You have to hand it to David Spade – he’s one durable sonuvabitch. Not many actors would be able to make the likes of Joe Dirt, The Benchwarmers, Black Sheep and Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star and expect to get much work outside of a McDonald’s drive-thru, but Spade just keeps coming. And from the looks of it, his next movie could be his biggest (s)hit yet, mainly due to the presence of the genuinely funny Chris Rock. Spade and Rock will star in an as-yet untitled comedy about three families who each vie for the same camping spot over one weekend. We can hardly contain our splitting sides already – and what’s this? Spade will co-write with Fred Wolf for Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison productions? That’s not just thunder on the horizon, friends – that’s the sound of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, sharpening their spurs.

And, In The Interests Of Neat Segues

Speaking of the Horsemen, a whole flock of actors (what is the collective noun for actors, anyway?) have signed up to join Dennis Quaid and Zhang Ziyi in Jonas Akerlund’s Horsemen, a thriller about a detective investigating serial killings that may or may not have summat to do with the Four… well, you get the picture. Joining Quaid/Zhang are Patrick Fugit, Clifton Collins Jr., Barry Shabaka Henley, Neil McDonough, and Peter Stormare.

What Just Happened? Bruce Willis Just Happened!

One of the projects we’re looking forward to with quiet confidence is Barry Levinson’s What Just Happened?, the comedy based on the hilarious memoirs of Hollywood producer, Art Linson (mostly dominated by tales of clashing with Alec Baldwin on The Edge). Linson has written his own screenplay based on the book, about a movie producer trying to remain sane and dignified while Hollywood chews up his projects, and his second marriage, and spits them out. Robert De Niro has long been on board as the Linson figure, but a whole raft of big-name stars have joined the project, including Bruce Willis, Sean Penn, Stanley Tucci, John Turturro and Kristen Stewart, so we’re hoping that this is better than most of Levinson’s recent efforts.

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