Friday News Round-Up (Feb 2nd)

Schwartzman, Cannibals, Hulk!

Friday News Round-Up (Feb 2nd)

by Willow Green |
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Welcome! It’s Friday. Here be the news…

Schwartzman Gets Experienced

Jason Schwartzman is set to star as a Musical-obsessed nut in The Marc Pease Experience – a new comedy from Todd Louiso (the small, shy dude from High Fidelity and director of 2002’s Love Liza) and Jacob Koskoff (his Liza consultant). Schwartzman will play Pease, whilst Ben Stiller is rumoured to be in talks to play his former mentor Mr. Gribble. At this stage, little else is known about the project, suffice to say, that the likelihood of a song and dance number making an appearance in the movie is really rather high.

Cannibal's Get Hungry...Again

According to Variety, Ruggero Deodato’s 1980 cult-classic Cannibal Holocaust is about to receive the remake treatment. Relevant Entertainment have acquired the rights to this gore-fest of Amazonian proportions and production is set to begin in the summer. Shot in documentary style and rumoured to still be banned in over sixty countries, Holocaust centres on anthropologist Harold Monroe’s trip into the rainforests of South America in search of a missing documentary crew that have disappeared whilst making a film about the local – no doubt extremely hungry – natives. Director Deodato was arrested at the premiere of the original film after rumours abounded that four members of the cast had actually been killed on film in order to increase the film’s documentary-feel. Deodato was evetually released after he managed to prove the violence was faked. Jeez! At least The Blair Witch Project was rea…what’s that?...doh!

Hulk Gets Baddies

The Incredible Hulk director Louis Leterrier has revealed to **Superhero Hype! **that the jolly green giant’s next outing will see him pitted against Thunderbolt Ross and Emil Blonsky – otherwise known as The Abomination. Although the director didn’t unveil who will replace Eric Bana in the title role, he did let on that they are “very close to casting Bruce Banner”. As previously reported, the movie will not be a direct follow up to 2003’s Hulk, and with those all important villains now exposed, it looks like The Incredible Hulk may punch all the right buttons with comic-connoisseurs when it hits screens next summer. Let’s just hope he gets to throw a few more tanks around this time.

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