Four Lions UK Quad Exclusive

Chris Morris' controversy-baiter is here

Four Lions UK Quad Exclusive

by Helen O'Hara |
Published on

Chris Morris' Four Lions tells the story of would-be suicide bombers living in the north of England and their plans to make some sort of grand jihadi gesture. As you'd expect, it looks set to spark a fair amount of controversy, and here to get the ball rolling - at least among animal rights activists - is the UK poster for the film.

This doesn't feature any of the film's five main characters: Omar (Riz Ahmed), Waj (Kayvan Novak), Barry (Nigel Lindsay), Fessal (Adeel Ahktar) and Hassan (Arsher Ali), the hapless bombers determined to bomb something, even if they're not sure what. The star here is one of the crows that Fessal attempts to train to carry bombs through windows.

Four Lions is out on May 7 in the UK. Start bracing yourselves for a tabloid storm now.

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