First Trailer For Self/Less

Ben Kingsley and Ryan Reynolds find immortality has side effects

First Trailer For Self/Less

by James White |
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What would you do if you were inordinately wealthy, but your body was starting to fail you thanks to the grasping claws of cancer? If you’re Damian Hill (Ben Kingsley), you turn to the best science your piles of dosh can buy to try to achieve immortality. The first trailer for Self/Less has arrived for your viewing needs.

At first it all seems to work out for Damian who, encouraged by the velvet voice of Matthew Goode’s Allbright, agrees to undergo a radical procedure that will inject his consciousness into what he’s told is a living empty shell. And when he wakes up in the body of a much younger, stronger and more handsome fellow (Ryan Reynolds), all appears well. He’s able to enjoy his great wealth with this youthful frame, running, partying, sailing, driving and bedding the sort of partners he hasn’t seen for years.

But – and you could see this coming – there’s a catch: turns out the body he’s occupying isn’t as blank and fresh as he thought, and it has a past, with a family it cared for. As the original personality starts to re-emerge, Damian discovers that the corporation behind the process has been spinning some serious lies, and will kill anyone who threatens their profit margin by letting the truth leak out.

Tarsem Singh is directing this one, working from a script by Alex and David Pastor. With Natalie Martinez, Victor Garber, Derek Luke and Michelle Dockery among the cast, **Self/Less **is awaiting a firm release date but should be out this year.

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