First Shark Night 3D Pic Online

Warning: includes shark.

First Shark Night 3D Pic Online

by James White |
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Director David R Ellis has been carving out a bloody niche for himself the horror business ever since he leapt over from his usual regular gig of cinematographer and second unit director to take the top job with Final Destination 2. Since then, he’s brought us the likes of Snakes on a Plane and The Final Destination. And now he’s dipping screaming, pretty young people into shark-infested waters for Shark Night 3D, which has just released its first official picture.

You can take a gander at the still below as Relativity Media sent it across. It features a shark. Surprise! Okay, no very surprising. But the toothy beast is facing off against a bikini clad Sara Paxton as she clings to a shark cage.

The film’s plot likely won’t be pinging the originality radar any time soon, but it’s exactly what you’d expect from a story designed to be a monster horror throwback: seven young holidaymakers head for a sexy party at a lake house on the Louisiana Gulf but have their plans to drink and do the nasty interrupted by freshwater sharks. Aside from Paxton, the cast includes Avatar’s Joel David Moore, warbler Katherine McPhee and more.

**Shark Night 3D **will chow down in cinemas on September 30. Trivia note: every time we write it, our brains want to call this “Shark Knight,” which makes us think there’s a pitch in there for one of those awful TV movies. We’d watch a tale with Sir Fangalot, the knight who is also a shark…

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