First Look At Inside Out Short Riley’s First Date

Director Josh Cooley screens the footage at D23

First Look At Inside Out Short Riley's First Date

by James White |
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Though the big presentations at this year’s D23 event were mostly about Disney and Pixar's future plans, there was a moment for the latter company to relish the success of Inside Out. And, because the home entertainment release will be happening later this year, the company unveiled a full look at Riley’s First Date, a short that will be packaged with the film. You can get a taste below.

Written and directed by Josh Cooley (who was head of story on the film, and provided an introduction along with Pete Docter and Jonas Rivera), the short depicts what happens when a young man named Jordan – who you meet briefly and comically at the end of the movie – arrives to take Riley (Kaitlyn Dias) skating. Naturally her parents (played again by Kyle MacLachlan and Diane Lane) are concerned that she’s going on her first date (the title is properly written as “Riley’s First Date?”) and, as they react, we see inside both their minds, take a quick trip back to Joy, Sadness and co. inside Riley and also visit the tween-tastic hellscape that is Jordan’s noggin.

We won’t give away what happens here, but suffice to say, it definitely channels the humour, invention and attention to detail of Inside Out itself. Expect to see it when **Inside Out **hits DVD and Blu-ray, which is November 3 in the States. The UK date remains TBC.

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