Final Destination 4 Trailer Online

Teen NASCARnage in 3D

Final Destination 4 Trailer Online

by Owen Williams |
Published on

The trailer for **Final Destination 4 - ***The ***Final Destination as we're now to call it (this fourquel defiantly adding a "the" where Fast & Furious dropped them) - has crept up on us online.

The movie looks, of course, identical to the other three, in that it's a stalk-and-slash monster movie with no monster but a lot of inventive carnage. And the plot's the same: person has vision of impending doom, persuades friends to move seats, avoiding disaster, disaster occurs and then Death starts to pick off the survivors whose time was up. But the other films (or at least the first two) were good fun, and the modish twist here is 3D, with the trailer suggesting a good deal of flying debris will be comin' right atcha.

We're not sure about the series' traditionally impressive initial disaster though. The first one had the plane crash, then there was the highway pile-up, followed by the rollercoaster, and now... stock car racing? Really? Well, as long as that whole viewing stand collapses, we guess it'll be OK.

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