Exclusive UK Poster For The Guard

Brendan Gleeson's In Galway

Exclusive UK Poster For The Guard

by Phil de Semlyen |
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You've seen In Bruges, now prepare youself for 'In Galway'. The Guard, a mordantly funny black comedy starring Brendan Gleeson as a cop who's long since thrown out the rulebook, shares *actual *as well as thematic DNA with the Belgian-set classic. It's the debut feature of John Michael McDonagh, brother of In Bruges writer/director Martin, and written by him too. Talented bunch, the McDonaghs.

Here's a look at the film's new UK quad. Gleeson is the Garda man, Gerry Boyle, whose unorthodox approach to police work involves swallowing anything he confiscates and heading to the pub when there's a lull in an investigation - or it's the afternoon.

When a body turns up and FBI man Wendell Everett (Don Cheadle) arrives on the hunt for drug traffickers, things get a lot spicier for Boyle. Turns out his nose for a lead hasn't been impaired too badly by all that coke he's shoved up it.

The poster gets Gleeson and Cheadle's relationship down nicely: it's a black-hewed spin on the good cop/mad cop dynamic. Think Riggs and Murtagh after a few pints of the black stuff. See for yourself when** The Guard** is out on August 19.

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