Exclusive Troll Hunter Poster Arrives

Warning: features a picture of a troll

Exclusive Troll Hunter Poster Arrives

by Ali Plumb |
Published on

We don't normally get a chance to write about Norwegian cinema here at empireonline.com - everyone's favourite Nazi-zombie flick Dead Snow apart - but today we're happy to buck that trend with an exclusive UK Quad poster of the Scandinavian horror-thriller mock-doc** Troll Hunter**.

Brought to life by writer/director Andre Ovredal, Troll Hunter has been in the news recently because of its US remake rights being snapped up by Chris Columbus and his1492 Pictures production company.

The plot of the Blair Witch/Cloverfield-style pseudo-documentary, as you might have guessed, revolves around a Troll Hunter, who, um, hunts trolls. Played by Otto Jespersen, a controversial Norwegian comedian, this hunter of trolls is followed by a team of documentary makers initially interested in bears before uncovering a much bigger problem... humongous trolls.

You see, what they didn't realise is that trolls aren't fairy tale creatures – they actually exist, kept in the northernmost parts of Norway by a ring fence of electric pylons. They are huge, and will crush you. Shame, really, they look so nice from the poster and this...


Troll Hunter will be out in the UK on on September 9.

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