Exclusive: Tiger House Trailer Lands

Kaya Scodelario battles a home invasion

Exclusive: Tiger House Trailer Lands

by Phil de Semlyen |
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Kaya Scodelario is an actress on the verge of something big. She’s already a fixture in the Maze Runner franchise and has some light buccaneering to do in Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. She's also been on the Empire Podcast. But she’s mixing up those ginormous franchise properties with some smaller-scale projects. One of them, home invasion thriller Tiger House, will flaunt her action skills, and you can check out its knuckle-whitening new trailer below.

There are no tigers here – unless one of the characters is using Tinder – but there is a suburban residency in the grip of a terrifying, violent intrusion from Dougray Scott, some handpicked goons, and, by the looks of things, a sackload of tools and masking tape. What they’re after isn’t immediately apparent. What is clear is that Kelly (Scodelario), the girlfriend of one of the house’s residents, has picked a bad night to sneak into the house for a visit. Thinking about it, this could be cinema’s first double home invasion movie.

This one looks like confidently inhabiting that space between thriller and horror that all good home-invasion flicks aspire to. It will be fascinating to see Scodelario slowly going full Ellen Ripley amid the three-piece suites and soft furnishings.

Clearly Scott and sinister henchman Callum (The Transporter Refuelled**’s Ed Skrein) have come against a surprisingly formidable foe. Kelly threatens to throw a spanner – possibly an actual one – in their sinister works. See for yourself when Tiger House lands on digital download on August 24 and DVD a week later.

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