Exclusive: Sneak Peek At Thirst

Park Chan-Wook's vampire story

Exclusive: Sneak Peek At Thirst

by Helen O'Hara |
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Park Chan-Wook, best known for Oldboy and Sympathy for Mr Vengeance, has gone all fangy for his latest outing, Thirst, about a priest who becomes a vampire*. And to give you a coppery taste of what you can expect from the film, check out this rather ace clip.

The Host's Song Kang-ho stars as Priest Sang-hyeon, who selflessly volunteers to trial an experimental vaccine but who is saved by a transfusion of blood that, sadly, comes from a vampire. D'oh! In this clip he's debating the ethics of vampirism with fellow vamp Tae-joo (Kim Ok-vin), who's having more fun with it than he is.

WARNING: Brace yourself for a moment of "ouch!" violence about halfway through this clip. It's nothing graphic in the gory sense, but it is squirm inducing.

Thirst is out in the UK this Friday.

*Not to be confused with the forthcoming Priest, about a priest who hunts vampires. Totally different. This one's Korean.

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