Exclusive: Scott Retools The Warriors

Tony plans bigger, bangier update

Exclusive: Scott Retools The Warriors

by Willow Green |
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Tony Scott, creator of bespoke celluloid chaos since 1985, has revealed exclusively to Empire that his next project, a remake of Walter Hill¹s The Warriors, will be a very different take on the gritty tale of a gang of teenage hoods battling their way home across enemy turf. For a start he's moved it 3000 miles West, to L.A.. "Well, New York is visually vertical," he tells Empire, "and L.A. is more horizontal so that¹ll be a big visual difference."

Taking on what has become a cult classic isn't something he takes on lightly. "I really hate remakes, but the The Warriors is one of my all time favourite movies, and what I'm doing is kind of reinventing it. And rather than a gang it¹s going to be 30 guys who take on 3,000. It's Kingdom Of Heaven meets The Warriors. We're going to use the L.A. River bed as a major location."

As usual Scott¹s been doing his research, which in this case sounds pretty hair-raising. "I've been meeting all the [real] gang leaders, they¹re saying they¹ll sign this treaty for the duration of the shoot," Scott reveals grinning. "I want this shot of 50,000 real gang members all on Long Beach - ­ The Crips, The Bloods, the Vietnamese, the Cambodians, the 18th Street gang, ­ all there. It's going to be cool."

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