Exclusive: Rare Exports Trailer

Something wicked this way comes

Exclusive: Rare Exports Trailer

by SAM TOY |
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Sick of the typical feel-good Christmas fare? Yup, us too. Fear not, though - this year, you're in for a treat, and we've got the world's first look at the trailer for it. We refer to the delightful Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale, special delivery from darkest Finland.

From the seemingly somewhat disturbed mind of screenwriter/director Jalmari Helander, we're seeing a bunch of 'researchers' sneakily digging up a sacred grave. A group of locals begin to piece together the events with a bit of folklore, which seems to lead towards Santa Claus not being so jolly after all. Before you know it, there's folks disappearing and things exploding.

It's done very well at a bunch of film festivals around the world, and based on this trailer, we're not surprised, with its decidedly Goonies-esque, Gremlins-ish feel (although we suspect the Nightmare Before Christmas-style logo at the end may be added just for the English language market); this might just be a classic in the making. We'll spare you the Christmas puns, but consider our interest well and truly piqued.

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