Exclusive Paranormal Activity 2 Poster

Be careful, there's a baby in the house

Exclusive Paranormal Activity 2 Poster

by Ali Plumb |
Published on

Paranormal Activity 2 is playing a wicked game with us, you know. A clue here, a hint there, and whatever you thought you knew, you suddenly don't. And guess what? We've got another sneak peek in the form of this exclusive poster to wet your horror-loving whistles.

In the trailer we saw snapshots of this baby (a baby, this baby, another baby, who knows?), held in the arms of two people, another shot of the same child crawling into the middle of the road.

Then elsewhere in the trailer a dark female figure appears in the doorway. Is it Katie from the original Paranormal Activity? Is it someone entirely different? Is it another woman possessed by the same demon?

We just don't know... yet. This poster here below sees a mirror with no reflection of the baby in the cradle, and a light cracking through an opening door. Plus the dog's angry, and that's never good. There are going to be naysayers after the change in director from the original to the sequel, and pessimistists decrying it as a potential cash-in, but whatever the final result, we admit it - we're more than a little intrigued.

But what do you think? Let us know in the comment box below. If you dare. Which you probably should, to be honest.

Parnormal Activity 2 is out on October 22.

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