Exclusive: Outside The Law Poster

Once upon a time in Algeria...

Exclusive: Outside The Law Poster

by Phil de Semlyen |
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Outside The Law, the latest historical epic from Rachid Bouchareb, has been building buzz for some time now. It shares cast members and historic DNA with the Franco-Algerian director's cracking 2006 war movie Days Of Glory, and while it'd be a stretch to call it an unofficial sequel, it does take him back to the subject closest to his heart: Algeria's bitter struggle for independence.

The film will catapult us into the blast-furnace intensity of the conflict between the independence movement and French military. Marching through territory similar to Gillo Pontecorvo's seminal The Battle Of Algiers, it follows three brothers after they lose their home in Algeria and are scattered around the world.

Handily they're present, correct and heavily-armed in Outside The Law's new quad poster. There's Messaoud (Roschdy Zem), who's gone against the grain and joined the French army to fight in Indochina; Abdelkader (Sami Bouajila), who's in France as an underground freedom fighter; and the most familar face, Jamel Debbouze's Saïd, the black sheep of the family. He's moved to Paris to find his fortune in the smoky jazz clubs of La Pigalle. Sensible man.

Fate eventually brings the three back together, presumably somewhere near a large crate of guns, and things turn a little Sergio Leone.

Will it match Days Of Glory or his last, London River? Find out when it's released on May 6.

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