Exclusive: New Sunshine Featurette

See Danny Boyle go Zero-G!

Exclusive: New Sunshine Featurette

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Another day, another exclusive Sunshine feature here at Empire Online. Not only have secured the time of the film's director, Danny Boyle for you all to quiz in our live webchat (taking place right here, Thursday April 5), but we've now just had this interesting piece of video land on the desk.

It's a featurette of the key production team's day at NASA, experiencing zero gravity on that organisation's custom built aircraft. As Boyle himself says during the montage of their experience in weightlessness, "this took us six months to achieve on Sunshine, and you can do it here in three or four seconds."

The clip also offers a decent taste of the soundtrack - a magnificent collaboration between John Murphy and Underworld. And if you like the look of a zero G flight, they are commercially available in the US, for the bargain price of around £1900 (plus tax). But first you'll be wanting to check out the movie, which you can do here.

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