Exclusive: New Indiana Jones Pic

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Exclusive: New Indiana Jones Pic

by Olly Richards |
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Paramount and Lucasfilm have provided us with a brand new, exclusive image from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which you can see below and which is printed in full in the new issue of Empire, on sale Friday, along with another new still of Cate Blanchett in action as Agent Spalko. We also spoke with producer Frank Marshall about the fourth film in the Indy franchise.

"This picture is locked," Marshall told us of the current progress. "Steven's pretty much done editing. And we're going into the phase with John Williams where he starts scoring the movie. He's really writing now and then we'll start scoring in February".

![Empire Magazine: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull]

When asked where this movie sits tonally with the rest of the series, Marshall said: "I would say it's closest to the third one (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade). It's all adults. I mean, you have the sidekick in Shia (LaBeouf), but you don't have a Short Round and I think the banter between the characters is as fun as it was in the third movie".

A new Last Crusade would be just dandy by us. When not discussing the finer nuances of Fassbinder or trying on Vulcan ears, we in the Empire office like to argue over which is the best Indy movie. There's currently a heated battle between the Raiders and Crusade teams.

One last piece of info: there will be an Indiana Jones Mr Potato Head. Greatest toy ever? Yes, readers, it just might be.

Update: Thanks to forum user morg1138 for poiting out that you can see the little spud here.

For lots more Indy inside news from Frank Marshall and more exclusive pictures from Indiana Jones and The Crystal Skull pick up the new issue of Empire, on sale Friday. ![Empire Magazine]

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