Exclusive: New Frankenweenie Pet Posters

Prepare for the Night of the Were-Rat

Exclusive: New Frankenweenie Pet Posters

by Phil de Semlyen |
Published on

Among these cute new **Frankenweenie **posters apeing old B-movie one-sheets is one of Were-Rat, mutant distant cousin of Office Mouse currently at large in Empire's crypt workplace. If Tim Burton's animation is anything to go by, we're one rogue fuse box away from a B-movie hell rodent on our hands.

In the movie, the monster pets – Mummy hamster, Were-Rat, Vampire Cat et al – are the freaky by-product of Victor Frankenstein's attempts to reanimate his beloved pup, Sparky. The success of Victor's weird science leads to his school pals queuing up to repeat the trick, with the results spelling catastrophe for the townsfolk of New Holland.

The gothic delights, all crafted loving in Tim Burton's second foray into stop-motion animation, see the director returning to one of his first short films. If you haven't seen it, check out Frankenweenie 1.0 to prep for the feature-length version{ =nofollow}.

Read Empire's review of the film here. **Frankenweenie **is out in scarifying 3D on October 17.


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