Exclusive: New Catfish Trailer Arrives

It's love in the time of Facebook...

Exclusive: New Catfish Trailer Arrives

by Alastair Plumb |
Published on

We showed you the new poster for it yesterday, but here’s a brand new trailer for it, just to get you even more excited. That’s right, it your new favourite “reality thriller”,** Catfish**, and the trailer is… worrying.

Good worrying. Exciting worrying. Clever worrying. All those kinds of worrying. For those of you not in the know, it’s purportedly the real story of a real group of people, one of which (Nev Schulman) falls for a girl he meets on Facebook.

His brother and his friend monitor and document his burgeoning infatuation with this new paramour, Megan, a beautiful singer-songwriter who lives on an idyllic farm in Michigan.

What a lovely, sweet, Humanity 2.0 story, then… Well, not so much. We’d tell you more, but that would ruin it, and besides, there’s not much we do know.

As you’ll see from the trailer below, that’s all part of the story – the last third of the movie setting out to blow your mind. Or something along those lines.

But the question is: real or fake? And, more than that, does it matter when it’s this intriguing? It’s certainly not doing the online dating community any favours… Decide for yourself when Catfish is released on December 17.

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