Exclusive: New Avatar Shot

Cameron + big gun = awesome

Exclusive: New Avatar Shot

by Amar Vijay |
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The new issue of Empire contains our ace winter preview, and nestled among its pages is a look at James Cameron's Avatar, with on-set reporting and a few choice words from Cameron, star Sam Worthington and producer Jon Landau. But also there we have this on-set picture of Cameron, wrestling with this movie's version of a mini-gun.

"It's a movie about bullies," Worthington told us on set. "The humans have come to tear into the Na'vi planet and strip-mine it. We're telling a story that's relevant now. It's filled wtih typical James Cameron messages, especially technology overrunning us all, which is what nearly all his movies are about.

For more on Avatar, and all the other big movies headed our way this winter, pick up the September issue of Empire, on sale today.

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