Exclusive: Matt Damon On Ocean’s 13

And he says it's not gonna suck

Exclusive: Matt Damon On Ocean's 13

by Willow Green |
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"The tagline we're really trying to get them to use is 'Ocean's 13: The film they should have made last time'!", Matt Damon, it seems, shares the rest of the world's opinion that Ocean's 12 was not the greatest of sequels. But, talking exclusively to Empire, he promises that the third in the series will make up for the failings of its predecessor. "The only reason we want to do it is to make a movie that's better than the first two."

Damon, like everyone else involved with the film, is reluctant to give out full plot details, but did say "It's kinda like a revenge thing. Someone does something to one of us and we want revenge. And that someone is Al Pacino. We have to take him down".

The film, which reunites the entire cast of the original, save Julia Roberts, is scheduled for release in the UK on June 8 2007.

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