Exclusive Haywire Stills

Sex, lies and the Uzi 9 millimeter

Exclusive Haywire Stills

by Phil de Semlyen |
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Anything Jason Bourne (or Aaron Cross) can do, Haywire's Mallory can do just as well. Sure, she's picked the wet and windy rooftops of Dublin instead of the upstairs parts of Tangier - maybe she performs better in the wet, like one of those Formula One drivers who perform better in the wet - but otherwise she's matching Treadstone's finest in the running-and-shooting stakes.

Following on from the latest trailer, these new stills from Steven Soderbergh's actioner give another taste of what to expect. Expect substantial ass-kicking from Gina Carano's avenging angel, a tonne of action, many spent cartridges and lots of shady men muttering "we may have a problem" into their collars.

**Haywire **is Soderbergh's first full-bore actioner to date. That leaves just a musical (HBO's Liberace?) and he's nailed the full-house of genres. Presumably there will be cake and presents when the moment comes.

Mallory and co. storm into your nearest cinema all guns blazing on January 18. This may not be a metaphor.

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