Exclusive: Dr. Doom Talks FF2

The man in the mask returns...

Exclusive: Dr. Doom Talks FF2

by Willow Green |
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It may still be months before the chrome-domed Silver Surfer leads the Fantastic Four back onto the big screen, but rumours surrounding the details of FF2 have already begun speeding across the web. Just last week, director Tim Story revealed via his MySpace blog (how else?) that the planet-hungry Galactus will definitely be making an appearance in the movie and the roots of the evil Dr. Doom will also be explored. With that in mind, who better to talk to than the maniacal Doctor himself. Chatting exclusively to Empire, masked-man Julian McMahon had this to say about what we can all expect from The Rise Of The Silver Surfer when it hits screens in the summer:

“He’s [Doom] been locked in casket for a couple of years, so he’s pretty pissed off. He’s had a while to simmer, ya know? So, when we first see him in the movie, we see him break out of the box and rip off the mask. And he’s definitely not happy with what he sees. But you’ll be surprised about how he makes his comeback. He’s not just someone wandering around in a mask. This guy is very, very powerful.”

For those of you who’ve seen the FF2 teaser trailer, you’ll know that the first few glimpses into the movie look very promising indeed. An opinion McMahon shares wholeheartedly: “It looks wicked doesn’t it?! They actually put that together while we were making the movie. Very cool.”

“Yeah, I was bit confused by that,” he adds when asked about Story’s comments on Doom’s back-story: “Doom's roots? I thought we covered that in the first movie. Maybe he’s put something in there that I have no idea about . . . I think I need to call Tim!”

And Galactus? “Well, I’m not allowed to say…but put it this way - if you know the Fantastic Four comics, you’ll know that Doom has dealings with everybody. Dr. Doom has always been about taking over the universe, crushing anyone who’s against him and doing whatever he can to manipulate people like him [points at Empire’s WETA designed Silver Surfer cover] and use their powers.”

“The first movie was very much about setting things up. FF2 is much more about play. It’s going to be all out.”

Stay tuned to Empire for the full Fantastic-filled interview with McMahon. Coming soon!

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