Exclusive: Data Talks Goonies 2!

Ke Quan says he and Chunk are in

Exclusive: Data Talks Goonies 2!

by Olly Richards |
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It seems that, after approximately 4,867 years of rumour, a live-action sequel to The Goonies is not going to happen. But the recent rumours that an animated sequel series may get the go ahead are apparently very much true. Corey Feldman (Mouth in the movie) recently told MTV that he'd been approached to return as an older version of his character for a cartoon series, in which the original Goonies would be all growns up and with adventuring kids of their own. And now Jonathan Ke Quan has told Empire exclusively that he and Jeff Cohen (Chunk) have been asked to lend their talents too.

"We were approached a few months ago by Warner about doing it and asked if we would be interested," said Ke Quan. "They even showed us character designs. It looks very cool".

Though Cohen now works as an entertainment lawyer, he could be persuaded to come back. "I spoke with Jeff," continues Quan. "All of us are very interested, if the story is right. I am sure whatever Steven (Spielberg) and Dick (Donner) think of will be good enough for us Goonies to come aboard".

If the Goonies are to return, this sounds like a pretty good way to do it. It's encouraging that Spielberg and Donner are involved and kudos to Warners for wanting to get the original team back together, rather than getting new actors to fill the voice roles. So, how do you feel about this news? Are you hyped to see the Goonies return?

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