Exclusive: The Adventures Of Simon Pegg

Chapter one of his new graphic novel

Exclusive: The Adventures Of Simon Pegg

by Phil de Semlyen |
Published on

Simon Pegg is a man of many talents. Not content with acting, penning an entertaining memoir and cleaning up on the North London pub quiz circuit, he's now squeezed his mind grapes into a new graphic novel.

Inspired by a running joke in his autobiography, Nerd Do Well, it's called - deep breath - 'The Adventures Of Simon Pegg And Canterbury And The Mystery Of The Scarlet Panther And The Star Of Nefertiti And The Tablet Of Amonhotep IV', and below is chapter 1 to bring a little planet-saving superheroics to your Wednesday afternoon.

As the title (which we're not repeating) implies, our hero is a buffed-up Pegg himself. With a ripped torso that's more brawn than Shaun, it's up to Pegg and his faithful roboservant Canterbury to save the planet from fiery destruction. The villain behind this dastardedly scheme? Lord Black, whose plan to fire an ancient Egyptian laser into the sun is mind-bogglingly devilish, if a little irresponsible.

It's not aiming to be Watchmen, but if it's half as loveably daffy as it sounds, count us in when it's published later this month. It'll be available as a downloadable app for iPhone, iPad and Android, on November 25.

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