Exclusive: Abridged Thirst Video Clip

Gruesome clip of Park Chan-Wook latest

Exclusive: Abridged Thirst Video Clip

by Tom Ambrose |
Published on

Thirst, from the South Korean director that brought you 2003's Oldboy, Park Chan-wook, has released a clip of his latest horror in the form of an 'abridged' version of the film - i.e. brief clips of all the murders, stabbings, heads-into-concrete-slammings and bodies-bouncing-off-the-front-of-cars shots in one handy 20-second-long short.

And yes, it's bloodier than a butcher's binbag and possibly the last thing you want to watch during lunch, so though we're by no means a squeamish bunch here at Empire, here's as an official warning - it's nasty.

The plot revolves around a priest called Sang-hyun who, of course, turns into a vampire after a blood transfusion goes disastrously wrong. As you do. He's also in love with his friend's wife, which gets horribly awkward when she asks Sang-hyun to kill him. What happens? We're guessing death is involved somehow.

Warning: Contains very gory scenes.

So for those of you piqued by the promise of a South Korean vampire horror with bucketloads of blood, it'll be out in cinemas come October 16th.

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