Ericson Core, King Of The Biopics

Three for three from fledgling director

by Willow Green |
Published on

We've got another modern day Robin Hood story on the way, but in a refreshing move, someone has had the decency to give the writers a variation on the theme – a true story. New Line have hired Ericson Core to direct Conrail, the story of Eddie Mongon and the Conrail Boyz gang, who used hi-tech equipment to rob trains, then gave most of the proceeds to the poor of New Jersey.

Those with a keen eye for credits will recognise Core as the cinematographer of Daredevil. He's also just directed the yet to be seen Invincible – the Mark Wahlberg vehicle about the fan who joined a gridiron team and became a star. The director is also lined up to direct a third based-on-truth story, Liberty (a biopic about the man who won the Boston Marathon after escaping the Nazis in WWII).

There's no word yet as to which of his two upcoming projects will go first, and there's been no mention of casting.

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