The Enterprise Revealed

First look at the new NCC-1701

The Enterprise Revealed

by James Dyer |
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Empire feasted our eager eyes on a sizeable chunk of JJ Abrams’ Star Trek yesterday, including major action scenes, Romulans getting hacked apart by a ninja Sulu and the first introduction of one James T Kirk (click here for the full story). The only unfortunate thing was that we couldn’t show any of it to you, our readers. Luckily though the first image of the new USS Enterprise has now leaked online and you can get an eyeful below. There was much speculation over what Abrams would do with the ship’s design with many assuming he’d go for a more industrial look by some of the clips seen of the ship under construction in the first teaser. What we actually have is a sleek, streamlined vessel that owes a great deal to the original NCC-1701 we saw in the original series.

![Star Trek Enterprise]

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Warning, extreme geek-talk follows. The conical nacelles with blue running lights a welcome addition and the stylised housing around the main deflector is a nice touch as well. As qualified Trekkies we give Abrams’ Enterprise our seal of approval and, while we’ll always have a soft spot for the Enterprise D, this is a worthy effort to update an iconic design.

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