Empire’s Subscriber Exclusive Spider-Man Cover Art Revealed

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by John Nugent |
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Go, web, go! With Spider-Man: Homecoming swinging into cinemas in July, your friendly neighbourhood movie magazine is pleased as punch to welcome one Mr P. Parker back onto its illustrious cover. While the regular newsstand cover is here, our loyal subscribers are getting something a little more special. Here’s a preview of what Empire subscribers will be getting delivered any day now.

This limited edition subscriber-only cover features specially-commissioned artwork by the legendary Alan Davis, with inking from Mark Farmer. The pair are longtime stalwarts of the Marvel stable, having put their talented hands to all manner of famous characters, including the Avengers, Fantastic Four, X-Men, and of course Spidey himself. We are thrilled and honoured to have their art adorning our magazine this month.

As ever, this edition is for subscribers only and will not be on sale in shops (all the more reason to subscribe.

Empire's Exclusive Spider-Man: Homecoming Cover Revealed

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