Empire’s Exclusive Spider-Man: Homecoming Cover Revealed

Your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man is on the cover of your friendly neighbourhood movie magazine! Last week, we revealed our limited edition subscriber-exclusive Spider-Man: Homecoming cover, featuring specially-commissioned artwork by legendary Marvel artist Alan Davis. Today, we can reveal what will be appearing in all good and evil newsagents later this week.

Empire Spider Man

Yes, ol’ sticky fingers is back. Our cover depicts young Peter Parker – in this iteration played by young Tom Holland, of course – showing off his shiny new Stark Industries suit accessorised with a none-more-Millennial pair of bluetooth headphones, all while balancing on New York City subway train, the Avengers tower visible in the Manhattan skyline background.

Our amazing Spider-Man cover is just the tip of an 146-page magazine-shaped iceberg, of course, with a bounty of cinematic goodness within, including eight pages of set reportage from the Spider-Man: Homecoming shoot, plus extensive coverage from the likes of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Transformers: The Last Knight, Wonder Woman, Valerian, Thor: Ragnarok, Twin Peaks, and really quite a lot more.

Issue #337 of the world’s biggest movie magazine arrives in all good and evil newsagents from Thursday 18 May. Want to get limited edition covers like this one, days before anyone else? Subscribe to Empire here. Spider-Man: Homecoming is in UK cinemas from 7 July.