Empire Podcast #539: Daniel Radcliffe, Jennifer Lawrence & Lila Neugebauer

Daniel Radcliffe, Jennifer Lawrence and Lila Neugebauer

by Chris Hewitt |
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This week's episode of the Empire Podcast sees Daniel Radcliffe make his second pod-appearance of the year, as he tells Chris Hewitt all about playing Weird Al Yankovic in the riotous faux-biopic, Weird. They also talk about accents, living in New York, and what Radcliffe's own biopic would be called. And names are on the agenda with Jennifer Lawrence too, as the Oscar-winning actress returns with her contemplative drama, Causeway, the first movie to be produced by her company, Excellent Cadaver. In our interview, she and director Lila Neugebauer tell Chris all about the how and why of the movie's name change from Red, White & Water, about working in a heated swimming pool, and more.

Then, in the podbooth, Chris is joined by Helen O'Hara, James Dyer, and John Nugent to discuss the week's movie news, being replaced by Liam Hemsworth, review EVERY FILM IN THE WORLD including Enola Holmes 2, Living, Weird, Causeway, All Quiet On The Western Front, and Something In The Dirt, and tackle the thorny issue of which comedy movie directors they'd put on their personal Mount Rushmore. If your favourite director isn't mentioned, rest assured they were mentioned, but were cut out. Probably. Enjoy!

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