Empire Exclusive: In Bed With Amy Schumer

Exclusive look at our Madonna-style shoot with the Trainwreck star

Empire Exclusive: In Bed With Amy Schumer

by Phil de Semlyen |
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Amy Schumer is having a moment. She's established herself as a golden girl of Comedy Central and a star on the US stand-up circuit, and now the actress/comedian has graduated to the big screen with a lead role in much-lauded romantic-comedy Trainwreck. And what better way to mark that moment than with a Madonna homaging photoshoot? No better way, we can hear you say. Empire's new issue has done exactly that with a gloriously slinky shoot and an interview in which we find out what makes this star-in-the-making tick and have a nice chat about Mad Max: Fury Road too. Scroll down for an early peek.

Schumer's script for Trainwreck was sufficiently strong to persuade Judd Apatow to direct a movie he hadn't written for the first time. Lady has game, in other words, not to mention smarts and, increasingly, Hollywood clout. Not that she thinks so. "I don't think anybody knows who the fuck I am," she tells Empire.

"The first meeting with Judd was maybe four years ago," she remembers. "I left it feeling like something special happened, like it might change my life." Judging by the early Trainwreck buzz, it will open all the doors in Hollywood for her too. The movie itself finds her playing Amy, a young woman whose boozy, bleary lifestyle is predicated on never settling down. When she meets sports doctor Aaron (Bill Hader), though, things suddenly feel different. Scarily so. Could love have struck? Check out the trailer here.

Trainwreck is out on August 14. Empire, meanwhile, is out on Thursday in all good, evil, morally ambivalent and undecided newsagents. Head right here for a full breakdown of all the movie-based gloriousness within its pages.

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