Emily Blunt Talks Sunshine Cleaning

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Emily Blunt Talks Sunshine Cleaning

by Willow Green |
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It's the President's Day bank holiday in the U.S., so excuse us if there's not an abundance of news floating around that series of glorious tubes we call the internet. However, no matter, as we have a few juicy morsels from Britain's Busiest Actress of 2007, Emily Blunt, who spoke to us just the other day about Sunshine Cleaning.

To bring everyone up to speed, this is the next film from the producers of the now-in-with-a-solid-chance-of-winning-multiple-Oscars Little Miss Sunshine. It follows the exploits of the unemployed Lorkowski sisters – one a single mum (Junebug's Amy Adams), the other a stoner (Blunt), who decide to start up a business cleaning crime scenes after the police and C.S.I. and whatnot are done.

"It's the best script I've read in a long time. I play a total pot-head," said The Devil Wears Prada star. "It's going to be a really fun film, and it's everything I like in a story. It's not overly sentimental, but it's still very moving. The characters are all very real – awkward and funny – you believe what comes out of their mouths, and it's not overly explained."

It seems an unlikely next step for director Christine Jeffs, who last held the megaphone for double-strength tissue drama Sylvia, but according to Emily, the energy on this set is appropriately different. "We're all really excited about this one – I love Amy Adams and Alan Arkin, and Steve Zahn and I have already done The Great Buck Howard together, so it's going to be fantastic."

Sunshine Cleaners doesn't have a specific release date yet, but don't expect any dawdling on this one – our guess is that it'll be on screens in the sleeper season; maybe August or September of this year.**

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