Edgar Wright Kills Hot Fuzz 2 Rumour

UPDATED: But could there be a spin-off?

Edgar Wright Kills Hot Fuzz 2 Rumour

by Olly Richards |
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UPDATE: Since writing the story below, we've spoken with Edgar further and he said that while there are no plans for a Hot Fuzz sequel, he does "have a crazy dream of doing a low budget spin-off about The Andys with Paddy Considine and Rafe Spall, called Maximum Tash". The Andys, as you'll remember, were the sneering detectives who tried to undermine Nick Angel and Danny Butterman, but were congenitally useless. We stress that this isn't being made any time soon – and may never make it out of the director's imagination – but Wright would definitely like do it and we'd definitely like to see it. A Tom Selleck cameo would, surely, be essential.

We'll keep this brief, but earlier this week several sites reported that Edgar Wright announced at Spike TV's Scream Awards that he's working on a sequel to Hot Fuzz, with the subtitle Pigs in the City. Thinking this sounded like something not entirely akin to truth, we asked Wright if this was something he's working on or just an off the cuff joke taken too far by those crazy internets.

"As ever, the latter," he told us. "But that said, it's not a terrible idea. Worth it for that title". So, Hot Fuzzies, there is no sequel forthcoming at the moment but if there ever is it will have an awesome title.

N.B. We realise this is another 'Person not making film' story and promise it will be the last this week. We're on rumour kill overload this week.

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