Eddie Murphy Goes To Nowhereland

A new comedy from the Bill & Ted boys

Eddie Murphy Goes To Nowhereland

by Willow Green |
Published on

Just because Eddie Murphy's got a high-falootin' Oscar nomination these days, certainly doesn't mean he's turning his back on the genre that made his name. News today is that he's just signed up for a new comedy, Nowhereland, at Paramount Pictures.

It's about a finance executive who loses all of his confidence, and while he's watching his career and life go down the pan, has an epiphany by entering his daughter's make-believe world.

Sure, there's echoes of Dr Dolittle in there, but in a much more interesting turn of events, it's actually been penned by the writers of both **Bill & Ted **movies, Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson. Even weirder, Solomon says the idea was born from a true story - that his young son helped him provide the solution to a business problem he was facing.

The script is ready, but production isn't - although they've got a small grace period, while Murphy completes work on **Starship Dave. **This should give them plenty of time not to come to the decision top have some poxy boy band play a cover of the Beatles' Nowhere Man over the closing credits.

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