Di Bonaventura Brings More Toys To Life

Lions and Tigers and Bears - oh my

Di Bonaventura Brings More Toys To Life

by Chris Hewitt |
Published on

Transformers producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura has just spent the past couple of years bringing toys to life, and now he’s set to do it again with his new film,** Lions, Tigers And Bears**.

Based on Mike Bullock’s Image comic-book, first published in 2005, which takes its title from a famous The Wizard Of Oz quote (just add, "Oh my" to the end), Lions, Tigers And Bears revolves around a young boy, Joey Price, who discovers that his army of stuffed toys come alive at night, in an effort to protect him from The Beasties.

So it’s Toy Story meets Transformers, then – and that puts it right up Di Bonaventura’s alley. Joey Bucoin wrote the pitch for the movie, which will tell the story from the perspective of the grown-up Joey, looking back on his childhood.

Paramount is behind the film, which will be live-action, with heaps of CG.

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