Depp Not One Of The Public Enemies

At premiere of Mann's gangster film

Depp Not One Of The Public Enemies

by Emily Phillips |
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With Leicester Square lined with Depp super-fans, the Public Enemies premiere showed that the main man was most definitely the crowd's most wanted.

As a bespectacled Depp and the hypnotically beautiful Marion Cotillard greeted the fans, Empire had a chat with director Michael Mann, asking him about his choice to film the period drama on the distinctly contemporary high-definition digital film:

"That's exactly why I did it. My objection, my mission wasn't to have you look at a period film, have you look at 1933. I wanted you to be in 1933. I wanted it to feel like all that detail and complexity of Tuesday at 3:17pm was just as vibrant, and had that verite attitude, as something much more contemporary.

To me I don't feel nostalgia for period drama, my objective was exactly the opposite. I want to try to make the audience have an intimate connection with those times, and have those times have an impact on you as if it was happening right now today. So that was the whole approach to the directing and the actors, as well as the visualisation."

Public Enemies is in cinemas July 1.

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