David Goyer Directing Magneto Movie

Batman Begins writer helming spin off

David Goyer Directing Magneto Movie

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David Goyer, who wrote the brilliant Batman Begins and directed the atrocious Blade Trinity, has secured the job of directing a spin-off movie for X-Men villain Magneto, so we're in two minds.

The idea of an origin movie for the metallically sticky bad guy has long been floating around and Batman Begins shows that there's nobody better at origin stories. On the other hand, Blade Trinity was really really rubbish.

The movie is set to feature Magneto in his early days, so don't expect Ian McKellen to return without some major face liftage.

An origin movie for Hugh Jackman's Wolverine (this one actually starring Jackman) is also in the works and a director is set to be revealed very shortly.

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