The Dark Knight Rises Soundtrack!

Listen to the whole thing right here

The Dark Knight Rises Soundtrack!

by Helen O'Hara |
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As part of our countdown to the release of **The Dark Knight Rises, we have a very special treat for you today. Below you can listen to the film's Hans Zimmer soundtrack in its entirety, giving you a taste of the atmosphere and action you're in for come July 20. And before you ask, we've closely parsed the track titles and none of them reads "Death Of Qui-Gon" so we're pretty sure that this is free of overt spoilers.

Zimmer has, of course, worked on all three of Christopher Nolan's Bat-films, having shared composition duties on **Batman Begins **and **The Dark Knight **with James Newton Howard. This time, however, he's flying solo.

This soundtrack is released by Sony Classical on July 16, and will be available from Amazon and iTunes for your listening-in-posterity pleasure. The Dark Knight Rises, of course, hits cinemas on July 20.

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