Daniel Craig Talks Quantum of Solace

On the title and new direction for Bond

Daniel Craig Talks Quantum of Solace

by Olly Richards |
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Daniel Craig has just spoken at the press conference to promote the 22nd Bond film Quantum of Solace. When quizzed about the somewhat bewildering name, he said "We could have gone for a snappier title but that's not part of the deal...It ties into the plot, it's not some random title".

He says that it all connects to Bond's search for closure on his relationship with Vesper. We'd take that to indicate that the meaning of Quantum of Solace is 'a degree of comfort' (quantum can mean several things, annoyingly), as in he's looking for some scrap of comfort after the last film by finding out more about the woman he loved. Craig described it as having an element of revenge.

Craig said that this film will be "more of a classical Bond movie. There's a touch of Ken Adam (the Bond production designer famed for giant villain lairs) and '60s spy movie". We doubt that means going to Roger Moore territory, but maybe this is easing in to a version of the Bond style we know, but with Casino Royale's more realistic edge. He also added that Bond will be "misbehaving more this time" and that we won't see anything like the torture scene from Casino Royale, because "Bond's deaing it out more this time".

Producer Michael G Wilson also expanded on the continued absence of Moneypenny and Q. He said, and we're very slightly paraphrasing here, that in the previous films they'd had to find a moment for each of the characters, which wasn't necessarily organic. He said they may come back in the future, but only if the story demands it.

Co-Producer Barbara Broccoli said that there was a definite possibility of Craig appearing in more Bond movies, but that they were "taking it one at a time".

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