Dance, Guttenberg, Dance!

This makes us so happy

Dance, Guttenberg, Dance!

by Olly Richards |
Published on

We really don't care about ballroom dancing shows. We especially don't care about ballroom dancing shows that feature American celebrities that we've never heard of. We do, however, care about everything Steve Guttenberg does.

It's for this reason, that we are currently very very interested in the US hit show Dancing With The Stars. The 'Berg is on there, dressed like a penguin and strutting some very unfunky stuff. We're prepared to spend a lot of money phoning America to vote to keep him in the competition. We don't know the names of all these fancy dances that old people do, but we think that the one he's lumbering through in the video below is called the Spread Your Arms A Lot And Smile Like A Disney World Employee On Prozac. He is good at that one.

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