Comic-Con 2013 Photos: The Costume Gallery

The best and most original cosplay around San Diego this year

Comic Con 2013 Cosplay

by Helen O'Hara |
Published on

One of the fun things about San Diego Comic-Con (and indeed other smaller events) is seeing the amazing costumes that some people wear for the occasion. This year everyone from infants to the elderly to small dogs was getting involved, and there were some immensely complicated, incredibly detailed and often witty offerings.

We spent hours trawling the convention looking for the very best of the best, and here's what we found. Don't miss the lady in the Sharknado hat, and try not to be frightened by Venom.

For those keeping score at home, we estimate that over 15 per cent of costumes this year were Doctor Who-related (higher on Sunday when that show had its panel); 15 per cent were Star Wars-related; 10 per cent belonged to the world of Batman (Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy were especially popular); 5 per cent were men playing The Wolverine; 5 per cent were Indiana Jones and at least two were "sexy" versions of Sulley from Monsters Inc.. Make of that what you will.

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