Check Back In To The Overlook Hotel

More 4 ad recreates The Shining

Check Back In To The Overlook Hotel

by Olly Richards |
Published on

Our in-boxes are full of missives from PR companies telling us how exciting their latest 'viral clip', film festival (which covers films only made in cockney rhyming slang and takes place in Pomerania) or mobile phone film competition will be to the readers of Empire. Usually our fingers make a swift bee-line for the delete button, but the clip we were sent to promote More 4's Stanley Kubrick Season is definitely worth a look.

To highlight the season of the late man's films, which starts on July 15, the set of The Shining was recreated and actors were hired to resemble cast and crew (resembling crew? Now that's commitment) for a single-take tracking shot that goes around the set, taking in details of the film, like the creepy twin girls, someone writing 'Redrum' on a door and the actual tricycle used in the movie. It's a terrific idea and very well executed. Check it out below.

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