Butler And Heigl Give Us The Ugly Truth

And a dirty joke, at the London premiere

Butler And Heigl Give Us The Ugly Truth

by Emily Phillips |
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London got a few Ugly Truths as Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl rolled in to Leicester Square for the premiere of their new so-called "sex-com": otherwise known as a rom-com with a few sweary bits thrown in.

Heigl was a goddess in green sequins, whilst Butler pulled off a handsome tan, gained, apparently in the heat of the New York summer whilst filming The Bounty with Jennifer Aniston.

Butler took time to tell us one of the off-colour jokes he used to convince the otherwise unsure director Robert Luketic to give "the guy from 300" the part of the surprisingly loveable misogynist Mike. The easily offended should now cover their eyes:

"A gay guy walks into a greengrocer's and he asks for a cucumber. The green grocer says: "Would you like that sliced?" To which he replies: "What do you think I am - a slot machine?!"

"It's not very funny, it's just the way I said it..." he assured us with that trademark cheeky grin.

Heigl has just wrapped Killers with Luketic. He told us a bit about the movie, which co-stars moustachioed Magnum P.I. himself, Tom Selleck:

"She plays a nice woman from Atlanta who is on vacation in France with her parents. She meets an assasin, and he retires from the business for her. Then they move back to Atlanta and his past catches up with him, so she has a day which can very much be described as from hell. It's a very fast-paced action film - a very different film to this."

Luketic admitted that although Heigl "was up for it and rolled up her sleeves and got dirty" his star did tire of the minutae of shooting action sequences: "She loves it, but she gets bored. She is brilliant with dialogue and loves to play scenarios out, so when it gets broken down, it is very tedious."

Katherine too, was more than ready to admit, with a self-depricating laugh, that she's not an action gal: "I'm not a fan of the action genre! It was actually quite painstaking and I'm the most un-coordinated clumsy, klutzy person, so I always had a bruise, I always tripped and fell. I'd be trying to be serious running whilst a car tries to chase me down and I would still look so stupid and so it got a little boring. I think I'll give it a go one more time, but I think I'd have to get in shape or something beforehand."

Looks like Megan Fox won't be losing her crown any time soon, then!

The Ugly Truth is in cinemas from this Friday August 7.

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