Bond Writers Penning Barbarella

And Bond 22 is already done

by empire |
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Ba-ba-ba-baaaa-barella. We couldn't think of a joke to introduce the fact that Casino Royale writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade have signed to write Barbarella, so we just sang the title to the James Bond theme tune. Didn't work, did it? Anyway, moving on.

Wade and Purvis, or Wurvis as they'd be known if they were a celebrity couple and not just writing partners, who did such an excellent job on Bond 21 should hopefully bring a bit more style to the none-more-'60s character. As played by Jane Fonda, Barbarella was a sexpot who wafted around the universe in her shagadelic (we can't believe we just used that word) spaceship meeting many many odd people. But the bare bones of the character could potentially make a great movie.

In other Wurvis news, the pair have just turned in their draft for Bond 22, planned for release in November 2008. Hooray!

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