Blade Runner 2049: Exclusive Look At Ryan Gosling And Harrison Ford

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by Emma Thrower |
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Tensions are high in our exclusive new look at Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2049. Guns are drawn, hands are out in defence and/or anticipation of a scuffle, and we’re pretty sure Ryan Gosling’s Officer K is worried about ruining another bespoke overcoat. But, as co-star Ana de Armas (playing K’s lover, Joi) tells Empire in our brand new issue, there was nothing but love between Gosling and Harrison Ford on-set of the highly-anticipated sequel.

“They were always picking on each other! Harrison would park his trailer in front of Ryan’s. The next day Ryan would decorate his trailer with pot plants.” It certainly sounds a lot more timid than co-star Jared Leto’s antics on the set of a certain DC vehicle…

With Ridley Scott stepping away from 2049 directorial duties after two years spent on the script (The Martian and Alien: Covenant would eat up his time), Denis Villeneuve is the man tasked with bringing Deckard back to the big screen. “I’m having the time of my life,” the director tells Empire, “no matter what we achieve, we will always be compared with a masterpiece. But what we are doing is so insane, it gives you freedom.”

Details on the film are understandably few and far between, but Gosling did have the following to tell us: “the world has become more brutal. People are trying to survive. [K] discovers a mystery that makes him question his own identity, and Deckard is the only one who can answer those questions”. Cryptic.

For much, much more on Blade Runner 2049 (released in cinemas on 6 October), pick up the latest copy of Empire when it hits shelves this Thursday, or subscribe here{ =nofollow}.

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