Black Widow Moves Forward To 28 October In The UK

Black Widow

by James White |
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With hopeful signs that cinemas in the UK could be opening their doors again before the heat death of the universe, it's fun to ponder what we'll be going to watch (practicing the requisite physical distancing and sanitation procedures, of course) when it's possible again. One film that had been set for later in the year (moved from its original May slot) is Marvel's Black Widow – and Digital Spy has learned that it'll now open a week earlier than planned, on 28 October.

Disney has confirmed that the film, which will follow Scarlett Johansson's Natasha Romanoff as she confronts her past and discovers some truly dangerous truths. And this new shift represents the studio returning to a usual tactic, opening MCU movies a week ahead in the UK compared to its Stateside launch.

Of course, now we have to hope that there isn't a second wave of the virus and cinemas can actually stay open. Christopher Nolan's Tenet is still the first major release set to test the waters on 17 July.

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