Balls Of Fury Trailer Hits The Net

A new sports comedy

Balls Of Fury Trailer Hits The Net

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Sports comedy Balls Of Fury was definitely one of the surprises at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Or at least, the footage we saw was.

Featuring the likes of Maggie Q, Robert Patrick and rising actor Dan Fogler, it’s an oddball, ping-pong take on Bruce Lee films like Game Of Death. Built on a pretty standard plot – government assigns sporting hotshot (in this case, a former hotshot gone to seed) to secret criminal mastermind’s tournament to investigate his evil deeds – the film proceeds to launch an all-out mad assault, led mainly by Christopher Walken as arch-villain Feng, the man who killed our hero, Randy’s father. It’s basically an excuse for Walken to prance about in a variety of odd costumes and chew so much scenery you’d think he was on an all-balsa wood diet.

Still, it looks like plenty of fun. Check out the trailer here.

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